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running wingmanWingman Adventure Run


Since EMP Wingman is the Events, Marketing and Promotion Wingman, we thought, "Why not create a fundraising event to give back to the community?" Out of that desire, the Wingman Adventure Run came to life! Participants will run through mud, leap fire and overcome obstacles for their local charities. We would like to thank participants for taking on the run and the mission to help their charity. The person that sent you to this link has decided to not just run and donate. They have decided to take on the mission to raise more funds for their causes. We also want to thank you for supporting those brave runners, and in turn helping our mission to donate to these partnered charities. Even though we are helping multiple charities in one event, your donation will be given and credited to the person who pushed you to sponsor them and their cause. Your donation toward an individual participant and their charity will help many. We have over 15 obstacles and recommend a minimum of $1 per obstacle they complete. Please select the amount below that you would like to donate, write the participant name and charity name that you are sponsoring.

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Thank you for donating. If you would like any other information about the run or to see run photos after the event, please visit facebook.com/empwingman. We would love to have you come out and cheer on the participants and we are sure they can use all of the moral support they can get! If you would like to get your organization involved for future events or help sponsor an obstacle, please email Daynica.

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