EMP Wingman

Created in 2008, EMP Wingman LLC provides Marketing, Staffing and Event solutions across Northern America. The founders have over 20 years of combined experience in the field with tours and all the behind the scenes management responsibilities. EMP Wingman provides specialized Marketing, Staffing and Events to an extremely diverse clientele.


EMP Wingman's Mission is to ensure that each client we work with receives the optimal marketing and staffing experience. The diversity of experience we have obtained has allowed us to soak up an abundance of marketing and product introduction experience. We have also seen by working with many marketing companies where they have cut corners and did not achieve the maximum success for their programs. Every contract that we worked on had our name and reputation on it. The problem was that we could not control the marketing companies and how they ran their programs. Since our reputation was on the line, we formed EMP Wingman, LLC in 2008.  We have taken this knowledge and have been careful to not cut corners to ensure the ultimate success for our clients. With EMP Wingman, our knowledge and expertise goes directly to the client and not thru another company first. We are a very hands on company that will deliver results. We do not sit back in an office and micromanage, we all get involved! We truly are your "Wingman" for whatever you need to enhance your brand.

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